Friday, May 22, 2009

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings: Most Meetings Take Place in Cunningham in Room 138, Mr. Espinsoa’s room. *Disclaimer: Mr. Espinosa is not the sponsor of the VSU and is not endorsing it’s existence (we just like his room =))
• Meeting: Friday, May 22 at Lunch in Room 138—We will be discussing the goals of the VSU and will debate the Constitution. Come and sign the contact sheet if you think you want to get involved!
• Meeting: Tuesday, May 26 after school in Room 138—we will be ratifying the Constitution! This is a very important meeting! Come if you want your voice to be heard in the creation of our union! Refreshments and snacks will be served.
• Nominations (only attend if you are submitting your candidacy) Wednesday, May 27 at Lunch in Room 138—Come and submit your self-nomination for a leadership position in the VSU!
• Event: Wednesday, May 27 after school on the front lawn—in a show of peaceful solidarity we will sit out on the front lawn for half an hour after school on Wednesday!
• Meeting: Thursday, May 28 at Lunch in Room 138—General meeting, important to attend! Come and listen to brief speeches made by people running for leadership positions in the VSU.
• Election Day Friday, May 29 at Lunch in Room 138—Vote for students who you want to represent you in the VSU!!!!

Current Policy Agenda

Truancy Removal
Marked Absent while participating in the protest on Friday?
The VSU is working to get those truancies removed!
Letter Writing Campaign/ Petition to LAUSD: Save Our Teachers!
The VSU will be circulating a petition to show our support for the usage of the stimulus money this year!

Why VSU Does Not Endorse May 22 Walkout

On Friday May 22, as Venice Posted was being distributed, many LAUSD students walked out of class. The VSU is not supporting a Venice student walk out!
Why? Because last week we protested in a demonstration to show that Venice High students do not want teacher layoffs! We did it on our own and it was much more original! We made our point already and to do it again this week would be overkill.
The VSU is a positive organization of students for students that promotes the highest good for all of our educations. We do not want to come across as a group that encourages students ditching class!

What is the VSU

You might be asking yourself what the Venice Student Union is, and what it means to you. Well, to answer your question, you are the VSU!
The VSU is an independent student union formed upon the idea that we as students can make a difference at our school! It is composed of all the students at Venice High School and will organize events that demonstrate to those in power that we mean to take responsibility over our own educations. It is our futures that we value! We all understand that school has the power to help us improve our chances of succeeding or stopping us from getting ahead. It is essential that we begin making an effort to determine that we succeed!
Are there any policies or rules at Venice High School that you hate?! (Hat policy, no cell phone policy?) However, if you choose to break a rule, you get in trouble! No individual student can make a difference at school alone…but if we all stand up and say no then we can create change! That’s what the VSU is about. That’s why you should get involved!!